Hello fellow readers

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Elizabeth Mason. In summary, music is my refuge; books are my escape; writing is my passion; my children are my essence; my husband is my heart; and my life is what I give to those I love.

I pledge to share with you my passion for reading. I love reading. I am always reading, and when I am not reading, I am researching my next book to read. My passion has become my obsession. There is nothing better than a good romance, a cup of coffee (or wine), and a warm blanket. It’s more than a hobby; its a life style.

So, why start a blog?  Why not?  Read with me, a book (romance only) per week, and share your opinions, questions, ratings, and suggestions–like a virtual book club. This week, read with me Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd. The book is about a man and a woman, both hiding from their histories and dark secrets. Together they find refuge in an old, abandoned cottage in the remote wilderness, and as deep emotions and intimacy forms, their pasts catch up with them and collide in a heart breaking battle of twisted lies and scathing pasts.

Lets make reading romance even better by sharing our passion together. Join me again next Wednesday, and we will chat about Deep Blue Eternity .


5 thoughts on “Hello fellow readers

  1. I like the concept for your blog! It’s kind of like a book club, that you can attend with having to clean your house for company… I look forward to seeing where it goes! You should definitely follow my blog too!

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