Deep Blue Eternity By Natasha Boyd

Hello, fellow readers! Welcome back!

Before I begin my review, I must admit that I have not yet finish reading Deep Blue Eternity, and not because it isn’t good; on the contrary. It is a great read. My reason, like every other mother, I’m busy; always filling my plate with too much to do. Nevertheless, I do wish to provide a review of what I have read so far.

Let me give you a glimpse…

The story intertwines two highly developed, complex characters that somehow fit together in a large, distressed puzzle of life. The female protagonist, Livvy, an 18-year old runaway, found refuge at her late grandmother’s abandoned cottage, located on a remote island off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. After a long trip, tired and anxious Livvy was happy to finally be at the front steps of her cottage (bestowed to her by her late grandmother), but to her surprise and displeasure, she discovered that the cottage wasn’t abandoned after all. Tom, also running from dark secrets of his own, made Livvy’s cottage his own refuge.
Now, Livvy is forced to shack up with this troubled stranger, who truly isn’t a stranger to Livvy at all. Interestingly, both protagonists suffer from scared histories, dark secrets, and personal insecurities, which ultimately bring them closer together both intimately and physically. However, as the plot deepens, their pasts collide and their secrets are revealed.

What will happen when Livvy discovers what Tom is hiding? Will their love be enough to overcome their ugly, twisted connection to each other’s pasts and secrets? Those questions are what keep me reading. I am drawn to the intimate connection between Tom and Livvy, and I am internally entwined with each of their personal stories. I must know more of their multifaceted, bitter, yet some way connected pasts of these two insecure and troubled protagonists.

Deep Blue Eternity includes a number of different human facets: unforbidden attractions, physical desires, and adaptive behaviors derived by ones insecurities and troubled pasts. Boyd creatively developed characters that connect well with a variety of readers of diverse groups. Livvy, born into an abusive family, comes to resent her late sister, Abby. Her sister ran away from home, leaving Livvy to deal with the abuse alone, and then later died in a car accident; producing a shadow of grief and anger in Livvy’s already weakened heart. Secluded by fear and mistrust, Livvy hid within the shadows; away from people. The only control she believed to have possessed, her only way to get what she wanted or needed, was to sexually use her body to seduce men. Her views on life and love are warped by her ugly past: no one listened; no one believed; and no one cared. That is until she met Tom, the troubled stranger.

His story is less unknown and best shared after I have read the entire book. Please join me again next week to discuss the shady yet alluring, Tom. I can’t wait to see how this book ends!

Please share your comments below as well as future book suggestions!

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