The Opportunist


Hello, fellow readers

Welcome back! Last week I gave you a glimpse of Deep Blue Eternity: two people seeking refuge and peace, find each other instead, and soon discover their dark secrets are connected to the pasts in which they both are running from.


Livvy, the female protagonist, grew up in a family that took her for granted, ignored her existence, and rejected her plea for help. Help from what? I do not wish to fully expose the book’s dark mystery, but she was wronged by the people who should have cared for her and loved her most. And after her sister’s death, she felt more alone and hopeless, so when the time was right, she fled her old life in search for safety and peace.

Tom, the hero of the story, is a beautifully, distraught man. A stranger intruding on Livvy’s newfound independence and much desired freedom. He, like Livvy, is broken by shame, regret, and anger, and he doesn’t find peace until Livvy came, ready to take the place he called home for the past six years. He wanted nothing to do with her. He wanted to leave; he had many reasons why he should, but he couldn’t. She hid her true self from the world, wanted to be invisible, but to him he saw who she was beneath the black clothes and dark makeup. She was beautiful, smart, courageous, and strong. He liked her, but she needed to know the truth, and once she discovered who he really was, she would hate him… and that’s what he needed. Tom didn’t deserve love. Or did he? Is Tom the puppet master of Livvy’s past; her reaper of a normal life? Or was he an angel in disguise? The pasts of each character are carefully designed to give the readers just a taste of what is building; the tension, broken memories, the lust, and the frustrations; until the very end.

Everything Livvy had endured; all of her suffering she thought she had left behind, still threatened to haunt her as pieces of the mysterious puzzle start to piece together, revealing the truth behind the secretive Tom-her protector.

I do not wish to take away the anticipation of the story’s end, so bear with me, as I will only state…
When least expected, the person who hurt you most, can be the one to save you. Refuge isn’t found in a home far away in an abandon cottage; it is found within one’s self forgiveness.

If you’ve read this book, please leave me a comment. Let us discuss the writing, plot, and characters; what did you love or dislike (use kind words) about the story. *If needed, please use spoiler alert.

Join me again next week for a review of The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies, #1)     


Here’s a short review: The female protagonist, Olivia Kasper, discovered her ex-boyfriend, Caleb Drake, had lost his memory. Hey, why not take another shot of love, but how long can love live under the pressure of lies?

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