Final Review of The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies) by Tarryn Fisher

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Welcome back fellow readers,
If you enjoy reading romance…or not, I highly recommend this series. I enjoyed all three books because I was able to connect with the characters, especially Olivia. Olivia, the female protagonist of the first and third book, was a spitfire. She reminded me of myself on so many levels: she was not born into money (like a majority of readers); she has a foul mouth; she is mean and snappy; smart and realistic; yet stubborn and self-centered (aren’t we all?). In my opinion, her actions and unexpected behaviors were what kept me reading into the late hours of the night. I admit, usually read a romance for the intense sexual tension between the man and woman, but I was liking the insights and actions of Olivia. She was unpredictable, and at the end, she did the unexpected-something least like her character. At first, it was obvious; she would do anything to get her ex-boyfriend, Caleb to fall in love with her again, even if that meant stealing him from his current girlfriend and taking advantage of his current amnesia. However, at the end, Olivia fought her own internal conflictions and selfishness. She sacrificed her happiness for his; she let him go and allowed the other girl to win, the manipulative girlfriend, Leah.

Leah was also an intriguing character, though more predictable than Olivia (thus less interesting). Her backstory was similar to other characters I’ve read from other books. She was ignored and disliked by her parents… blah, blah, blah… so now she’s a product of her foster parent’s ignorance. Also, like other villainess characters, she was from a wealthy family, so her character was spoiled and self-centered. Her self-centered personality was different from that of Olivia’s. She was needy for material things and attention as Olivia focused more on her career and the protection of her feelings. Leah fell in love with Caleb, and like Olivia, she would do anything to keep him. She found his weakness and used it against him, and in the end her growth was minimal. She continued to be manipulative and selfish, and the only growth was toward her own daughter, whom she ended up excepting and loving, but in regards to Caleb; she desired revenge against his… *no need to reveal too much, right? 🙂

Book three was about Caleb, which I really enjoyed. I love reading the perspective of the main characters, and all too often, authors don’t write in the male’s perspective. And most often, I am left wondering what the male figure was thinking, feeling, and doing while the female mourned her broken heart? Caleb’s character was different from the two female characters…somewhat different ;). He had a big heart for people in general; he didn’t wish to hurt anyone. He was insightful. Poetic thoughts showed through his dialogue, which reflected in his love. Like Leah, he was from money, but unlike her, he was loved by his mother and step father, so his character was more family oriented and caring. He desired a family with the big house and a white-picket fence. He was the all-American boy, but don’t let that fool you, he was also manipulative. He wanted Olivia. He loved Olivia. Everything was about Olivia. He wanted her even with or without amnesia. I was drawn to his character, questioning his motives and actions. He was predictable yet unexpected, causing me to gasp and gape, flipping the pages of the book until the very end.

Did Olivia get what she wanted? Yes, she got her dream career, but did she end up with Caleb? Did Caleb win Olivia’s heart even after all the lies and heartbreak? What about Leah? Maybe she was able to play them both, like perfect little puppets, and in the end, she got what she wanted-Caleb. Hmmm…

I’d love to tell you what happened but what kind of fellow reader I would be if I ruined the intense suspense of their story… read it for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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