Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover


my view of Ridge and Sydney (images barrowed from Yahoo images)
“Sometimes in life, we need a few bad days in order to keep the good ones in perspective.”

                           -Colleen Hover

Okay, so last week’s choice was a total bust (in my opinion), but this week’s read was a winner. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover contain aspects that even a non-romance reader could enjoy and relate to with sensitivity and aspiring emotions. *Please refer to my last post for major plot details.

Colleen Hoover intertwines tension, sadness, and playful moments like a literary pro. This book involves two main characters, Ridge and Sydney. The foundation of their relationship is built on friendly Relations and a general interest in music. Sydney is a likable, selfless person as Ridge is a caring, loyal person, especially to his current girlfriend, Maggie. The heart-breaking aspect of this story is the love triangle between the three very aspiring and beautiful characters. Many romance novels involve a love triangle, but Colleen laces the love with elements of question, guilt, and obligations.

Ridge explores the question, can my soul mate with two people? He is torn between the attraction and connection he has with Sydney and his devotion and history with Maggie. He loves them both but in two very different ways, and what is truly heart wrenching, is Maggie, also a devout, caring person; doesn’t deserve to be hurt or deceived. So who does Ridge choose as their must be a decision made for the readers to have any sense closer. Don’t hate me, but I can’t reveal that to you. This book is just to good to ruin, and I highly recommend it to readers of any genre lover.

Before I end this post, I must speak about the musical element of the story as it truly ties the characters together on a whole new level of connection and love. 

 Colleen uses music to explore feelings and love in a different way without the use of sexual bonding. Without crossing the friendship/relationship boundaries sexually, the characters use music as a way to love each other. Above all, Colleen uses music to connect with the readers as well. She collaborated with Griffin Peterson to create a soundtrack that can be downloaded and listened to while reading the book, which brings the reader closer to the characters. With the songs, I can almost feel the emotions deeper and more profoundly. The music made the literary scenes come to life, and I cried to this book more so than any other. I love stories so profoundly written that the plot breaks down my inner walls, connecting me so well that I cry along with the characters and share their heartbreak. Truly magical.

Colleen Hoover is a master romance writer. She captivates her readers with an emotional rollercoaster by using intense, personal moments and likeable characters that a reader can quickly fall in love with. Her words are like daggers to my heart but music to my soul.

Buy the book at Amazon.

Buy the soundtrack here.

Visit the author Here.


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