Romance Anonymous: My Boyfriend isn’t Edward!


Stephanie Meyer's Twilght Saga
pucture barrowed from Yahoo images
“My girlfriend shot me a text; she was breaking up with me because I wasn’t like Edward Cullen! Who’s Edward?” (True story about a young boy and his broken heart.) Poor guy!

When woman, most but not all (in my opinion), are enjoying a good romance, they are either so consumed by the story; they go into hiding, or they scorn their significant other with regret or distaste. For most of us, those irrational feelings are short lived, but for some, it’s a real problem. 

If  your losing sleep or not eating because your man isn’t Edward Cullen’s, then maybe romance anonymous is right for you…don’t shake your head ‘no’! Just take the time and read…

Ten things to know and do when your man isn’t the romance-cover-stud:

  1. First of all, be real! Men are not perfect. 
  2. Look in the mirror! If you’re going to compare your man to perfection, then be brave enough to compare yourselves as well! 
  3. Remember, most romance novels are written by women…that explains a lot, ladies. 
  4. Look at your man’s good qualities! They are there; I promise.
  5. Remember to laugh together, eat together, and play together! Not with your book, but with your significant other. 
  6. I’ve heard that men with big, strong bodies, have a small…voice.  
  7. Remember, the man on the cover is photoshopped! 
  8. Read a variety of books! Lay off the romance for awhile! 
  9. Rip, fold down, or roll back the cover! It might help. 
  10. And, most importantly, vampires aren’t real! 

*I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or counselor! The views expressed in this post are meant to be funny and not to be taken seriously. 

Thanks for reading, 


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